Understanding the claims like”How I made $100 in a Day”

This is the most important thing to be clearly understood. Let us analyze the claims like “How I made $100 in a Day” Out of some 20 people who claims this, really 10 will have made it but the other 10, claims are false!  So called “proofs” will be shown with important ID numbers and others masked.

Let us now think of the correct claims. The 10 people who say that they have made $100 a day, WILL HAVE MADE IT ON A PARTICULAR DAY but not every day! What I am saying is that the average income of the month will not be $100 X 30 = $3000.

I will give the best example of a salaried person with a monthly salary of $5000. He can claim that he earned a salary of $5000 in one day that is the first of the month, when the salary is credited to his account! In a similar way, in some particular day, one can get $100 from affiliate marketing, not because of the effort of that day but because of the accumulated efforts and timings of the whole month or even more! This may also be due to some affiliate networks or companies updating the income report once in a month. The correct index will be average yearly income.

Let us think of a person working in a company. He will never try to disclose his salary income to almost any one expect for family members! He will never write it in blogs and show the “proof” of his salary to claim that he is getting a good salary, even if he is really getting a fat salary! Then why are these affiliate marketing people declaring their income and even trying to give “proofs”? 

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