blog traffic calculation illusion

Illusion of blog traffic

2.       Wrong calculations of web traffic.   ( please read part 1 before reading this post. link:

I will illustrate this with a simple example. Assume that you are
writing 2 posts a day.

The basic calculation is like this.

Since you are writing 2 posts and assuming each post gets equal views, say that each post is getting 2000 views. Normally, every affiliate blog is on a particular topic and so there will be about 1/3rd of the total subscribers or readers will read your post. Never in any case all of them will read all the posts! So, there will be about 6000 active readers or subscribers for your blog in order to get 2000 views for each post.

So, 2000 views for each post and hence 2X2000 = 4000 views per day because
there will be 2 posts each day. For one month, it will be 30X4000 = 120000
views! This will be considered as a huge traffic and by all means yes. Remember,
it is the combination of same 6000 people who will be reading your posts every
day and not 120000 unique views!

But when you consider selling some product like cell phone as an
affiliate marketer, the scenario will be totally different.

There are only 6000 people reading your blog and only 2000 will read a particular
post. Assuming that you are writing about cell phone, there will be about 2% (normal
conversion rate) of them who are interested to buy the cell phone after reading
your post. That is 2% of 2000 =40

Out of these 40 people, there will be some who will try to buy low cost
phone. Some others will be having the idea of buying costly phone and some will
buy it offline in a shop and some will decide after your cookie life of
affiliate ends! So, about 40/4= 10 active buyers. Further, they will compare 10
different makes of cell phone! So, 10/1 =1 active buyer for buying the cell
phone reviewed in your post!

So, for your one post having description or review of a particular cell
phone, there may be ONE buyer! This is why all the affiliate marketers are getting
so called huge blog traffic but not big sales!

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