Why are you not earning from Affiliate marketing? part-1

 The answer is very simple. There are wide spread wrong concepts. I am going to discuss all such concepts in my series of posts starting from this.

Read he following post to understand it.

Wrong concepts in Affiliate marketing.

  1. Anybody can do affiliate marketing

It is like saying “anyone can run 100 meter running race”. It simply means that there is no restriction for anybody.  But will anyone or everyone can WIN the race?  No. Only the fastest person will win it. So, to win, he should be having the best capability and the best  ability among the participants.Also, when you are a learner, then you cannot think of winning against an expert runner, who is already in that profession from may years. In the same way, everyone cannot make huge money from affiliate marketing. Let us take another example. Consider writing a book and selling it. Again, many people will say” anyone can write a book”. True, but can everyone sell it like harry potter and make huge money? Or, why that book was sold in such large numbers? People will not simply buy anything. There must be something special in that book. Many people will think that by putting big affiliate company like Amazon product link in their website and promote, they can get huge sales. This is totally wrong because, almost everyone in the world know that they can buy almost anything from Amazon. So, why should they buy from your link? Or the chance of a person buying from your link is very less, even though it is not zero. By chance, there may be some sales. But that will not justify the effort you are going to put for it.   So, what should we do for selling products in affiliate? The most important thing is that one should have some talent in convincing people to buy a product. This talent may be in writing an article or review of the product and so on. Remember, to get sales, you should first create website traffic. There are many miscalculations and misinterpretations about blog traffic or website traffic. Read the most interesting way of calculating web traffic in my next post. Subscribe to this website if you do not want to miss next post. You can also contact me at surya.jayaram@gmail.com.

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